1. Log into the account you are setting up, and select the appropriate location (if the account is multi-location)
  2. On the left hand menu click “Widgets”
  3. You should now see a new page that is prompting you to whitelist your domain
  4. To white list your domain, click the Edit button
  5. On the next page, enter your domain name that you wish to add the widget to
    1. **Important note: be sure to exclude http or https, and to match your root domain exactly. Visit your site and check the url bar to see which way your site is configured.
    2. For example, if your website is “https://www.google.com/” you would simply enter: www.google.com
      1. If you don't have a www. redirect setup and your domain simply shows as "https://google.com/" then you would simply put google.com in.
  6. Once the domain has been entered, click the back button so you’re on the previous page you just came from
  7. Now you should see a code snippet under “Snippet”
  8. Paste this code into the <header> of the relevant website
    1. **Important note: If you just added your review sites into your account, you need to wait until we process and pull your reviews in for the review widget to display. You should see when this happens on the dashboard.

Things to know about the widget

  • It only shows 4 and 5 star reviews

  • If zero reviews are detected, it’ll hide itself

  • It is mobile friendly