1. Log into your account and select the appropriate location (if you're a multi-location account)
  2. On the left hand menu, click "Requests"
  3. From the "Requests" dropdown menu, click "CSV Upload" 
  4. Click the box and select the CSV file with your contacts in it from your computer
  5. If you want to send the request immeidately, under the "Send Now?" dropdown option, select "yes" otherwise select no.
    1. Note: If you have a pre-delay setup in the Review Funnel Settings, it will still respect this pre-delay. 
  6. Check box stating you have permission to contract this person (assuming you do)
  7. Then it will prompt you to map your columns to first name, email, phone, etc.
    1. Note: You can also select "Ignore this column" on any columns as needed.
  8. Select "Upload Now"