To add your Google Business Profile listing as a Review Site:

  • From your agency dashboard click 'log in as' to log into your client account

  • If you have multiple locations, select the location you would like to add a site to from the drop down menu on the header.

First, you need to obtain the Google Review link.

  • Head to

  • Log in with your Google My Business Gmail or Google Mail account

  • Click on the relevant business name once you’re in your account

  • You’ll see “Share Review Form” - Click it

  • Copy the link that shows up

Once this link is acquired, you can head back to your Review Robin account and add it in.

  • Click “Settings” in the left hand menu

  • Select “Review Sites”

  • Click the 'Add Review Site' button and select 'Google' from the list

  • Paste in the Google Review Link 

  • Hit 'Submit'

That’s it! The recipient will now have the option to leave a review on Google when they are sent a review request!

That’s it! Your customers will now have the option to leave you a review on Google when you send them a review request!