There are a few merge tags you can add into your email or text message follow ups. Keep in mind if the personalization tag does not exist for the contact, it will be blank in the message.

Pro tip: If you're uploading CSVs from Quickbooks or similar platforms that your client provides you, it is good practice to review the names to ensure they're not putting "internal" names that don't actually reflect the person's real name. (Eg. they may put first name as "Apt #1" if it's an apartment building.)

Merge tags available:


First name is pulled from the contact's First Name field.


Last name is pulled from the contact's Last Name field.


Company name is pulled from the location's name within the Business Details section. (Find this by logging into the account, selecting the relevant location if you have multiple, click "Settings" on the left hand menu, then select "Business Details". You can update the company name from this page.)

When using merge tags, always test before you send out to ensure your messages are looking appropriate.

Example message using merge tags:

Hi {{FirstName}}

How was your recent experience with us at {{CompanyName}}? We'd love to hear your feedback!